Easy Article Creation Using Market Samurai Search

It’s a pretty well-known SEO rule that adding content regularly to your website gets you in Google’s good graces in the organic search rankings you expect for your website. How long should each article be though? Is a mini 500 word article enough? Or is something no longer than 200 words, as short as the typical blog post length goes, completely sufficient? Does it matter how long your article submission is? In truth, there is no specific rule that can qualify an article submission length as better than the next. But there are more important consideration than mere article word count. A lot depends on whether your website is designed in a way that pleases search engines more than people. If you design your website to appeal just to the search engines, you could come up great in Google’s books, but lose out when visitors turn away disgusted.

Take for instance the way some people design their home pages. They know that the more content there is on the home page, the more link equity they stand to get. So they put all their new content on their front pages and are afraid to move anything off the home page. They’ve got it all wrong though. The front page only has to have new content and not just a lot of any kind of content. Keeping a cluttered home page though will certainly turn visitors away.

One of the best ways to make every article submission count would be to make sure that the writing is logically laid out. Good article writing practices involve the use of sub headers, ideas broken out into paragraphs, and stuff that is to the point. And remember, content that’s not entirely unique gets caught out by Google. With the word count question, a good way to go about it would be to use as many words as your ideas require. People who use article submission websites try to go for a specific and arbitrary word length. That makes all articles nearly 500 words long or so. That’s not a natural way to go about writing articles, and everyone knows it.

It is very easy to use Market Samurai Search function to quickly obtain content for your articles.

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Google has algorithms to determine how relevant something is. It looks for national writing. This means that it doesn’t value an approach where as few words as possible are used – that’s not how natural language goes. Writing articles based on natural language now is getting to be as effective as writing around long tail keywords. And that is good news.

Market Samurai will make your article and other content creation fast and easy.