Market Samurai Featured in SitePoint SEO Guide

Market Samurai is becoming more and more popular. is one of the most often visited web sites in the world providing top notch information and training for the web developers and designers. The company also owns site which is used for most of the website auctions nowadays.

SEO Business guide featuring Market Samurai DiscountOver 1,500,000 people have read their tech guide books. Their sites have top rankings for more than ten thousand of keywords.

The SEO Business Guide and Market Samurai

SEO experts which are the main designers of most of those highly ranking pages, are Kristen Holden and Mike Hudson. They have recently released awesome training course “The SEO Business Guide.”  It features fundamental SEO principles used by search engines to rank websites, provides best seo practices – on-site and off-site optimization, includes linking structures, teaches how to boost ranking of enterprise business sites. Also these experts share their secrets related to advertising on search engines and using software tools to accelerate SEO groundwork. One of the basic tools mentioned most often and highly regarded in this guide as being crucial to keywords research, is Market Samurai. Guide shows how Market Samurai can be used for many SEO related tasks such as keyword research, finding competition level, discovering great domains, doing research for creating and publishing new content.

How to Get Market Samurai Discount

To grab Market Samurai at $97 download trial version first by following this link. This will give you access to obtain $52 Market samurai discount.

Using the core principles outlined in The SEO Business Guide and Market Samurai as your main tool, it will maximize your SEO efforts and even would make you able to start you your own SEO consulting business. As the developers of “The SEO Business Guide” have so highly prized Market Samurai in their book, they are ready to offer a discount of $20 exclusively to the users of Market Samurai. So, order your Market Samurai (with another discount) here, and get The SEO Business Guide.