Market Samurai and How Do Videos Come up in the Google Rankings

Best keyword research tool Market Samurai Rank Tracker module can be also used to track ranking of videos in Google Search. These ranking appear as entries on normal Google search.

Everybody in SEO loves to obsess over everything that goes on with their Google rankings and their rankings with Yahoo and Bing. But there is one kind of search ranking that everyone easily seems to ignore – ranking on the second largest search engine in the world: YouTube. Generally speaking, all SEO experts believe that working and tuning websites to Google rankings is all it takes to get in the good with other search engines as well. While this might be true for every regular search engine, it isn’t true for the search engine in YouTube. Google owns YouTube. Why then do videos rank differently on both search engines?

Let’s first get with an answer to an important question – what is it that makes a video show up in Google’s universal search? If you want your video to rank well on Google, your best source of information is probably the website ReelSEO. Usually what makes your video rank well on YouTube is the same thing that makes a website rank well on Google – links, PageRank. YouTube so still uses the information present in the title, the description and the meta-keywords tags to rank a video with. Google still doesn’t know what to do with video though in its search algorithms – video or flash content. Of course, Google is working hard to try to have a way to understand video and pictures; but until it figures that one out, old-fashioned ways such as meta-tags are the only ways videos make any sense to YouTube. If you want to optimize your video for Google rankings, you can add a transcript, subtitles, annotation, the whole shebang.

To get your video hosted on your site appear in Google search results first you need to create special video sitemap containing video url, video snapshot image url, description, keywords etc and submit it to Google for indexing. Since video is still new for google, video sitemap standards keep changing. Easy way to create video sitemaps is using service from Mark Dulisse called Xml Video sitemap creator.

The best way to get your YouTube video to rank well would be to use standard SEO techniques. There is nothing you can do with the layout of the page on YouTube, because you don’t own YouTube. You can do everything possible to exploit standard title meta-tag options though.
Make sure you include url of your website in the beginning of Youtube video description. This will automatically create a “nofollow” clickbable link back to your website. Google reportedly gives less power to nofollow links, other search engines could still treat these links as being powerful links from high ranking website — Youtube.
Apart from that, do everything in your power to show Google that you have an important video. Get anchor text that is rich in keywords from someplace reliable, and use those. For the best possible of both possible worlds – getting YouTube and Google rankings together, social media should be your best bet. Once the video gets popular on Facebook and Twitter, there’ll be so much link-sending back and forth, that Google has to take notice. Of course you can’t really do much with anchor text if your video is getting shared left and right and going viral but you can do your own promoting with keywords on the side.

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Better Search Engine Rankings using Market Samurai

For your website to obtain the best search engine rankings it can get, search engine optimization would be your only hope. Of all the techniques you have at your disposal to gain organic search engine rankings by, SEO has to be your number one strategy. All the methods there are that could help you gain those coveted ranking spots on the search engine results pages or SERPs anyone with a website could use.

While the AdWords Keyword Tool and the Microsoft Keyword Tool are two of the most known free tools to find best keyword phrases to use, Market Samurai is used by most of top level SEO experts. Get Market Samurai for $97 by following instructions about Market Samurai Promo Code. Using these, you can target the top keywords to use for page names, domain names and content. Once you have a set of keywords, doing SEO keyword analysis should let you find the words among your list that have the least competition and the most suitability for your purposes. SEO is not a bolt-on afterthought. Web content should be designed with SEO in mind. Your targeted keywords should appear throughout the content of your website. And not just as ordinary words among your text either; they should appear as links to other portions of your website. Internal linking using targeted keywords is a practice that sets the successful websites apart from the less successful ones.

But these are only the in-page SEO tips you can implement for better search engine ranking. You can do a lot with external links too. If you could find ways to link pages on your website to pages on other reputable sites, in other words if you have links coming in from other reputable sites – forums, article repositories, you can certainly help deal with your worries about search engine rankings. Post links to your website all over the place and relevant locations across the Internet, and Google takes note.

The best SEO practices come with time, with reading up and with patience. Remember, SEO gets done not just with the IT department in the company. It is primarily a marketing activity, with the computer guys sitting in providing guidance, and not primary direction. Hiring an outside SEO service may be a good idea to start with, but this isn’t something you just do once. Good SEO requires that you keep working every day, adding content updates, and making sure that you keep up with the times -which means that you make sure that you cover all the bases with videos given an important place in your SEO strategy. Remember, Google now lists videos among its universal search results. You don’t want to miss out.